Monday, April 22, 2013

ELF Products

Recently I ordered a few things off the elf website.

I think this brand is pretty hit or miss. Some of the stuff is great, and some is crap. I've learned to stay away from the eyeshadow and eyeliner products. Neither of them have any staying power, and the pigment in the eyeshadow is kind of have to apply it like 400 times before you can see it on your lid.

I tried a few non-cosmetic products.

The first product I got is the Daily Moisture Stick.
e.l.f. Daily Moisture Stick
 I had read good things about it on another blog, and I have read that it's comparable to a much more expensive product.

This was $6.

It's a moisturizer in a swivel-up stick form. It's very light, has no scent, and is filled with god stuff like shea, avocado, aloe and chamomile. It's clear and apparently is full of antioxidants.

I love this product. I use it a number of ways. I use it to swipe over my eyebrows to keep the unruly strays in check. (have I mentioned that if I wait too long between eyebrow waxes, I look like Bert from Sesame Street? It's true. I do.)

I use this on a scar on my hand that I've had for a few months. Keeping it moisturized seems to make it look a little more faded.

I use this on my elbows. Yes, my elbows. See, a few months ago I heard someone on TV say "If you want to know a woman's true age, look at her elbows. A woman always uses anti aging products on her face, neck and chest, but they all forget about their elbows." Let me tell you what, since I heard that gem I have been paying MUCHO ATTENTION to moisturizing me elbows. I don't want old elbows!

I have also used this on my cheeks. I have a dry patch on my cheek, and using this before makeup helps the makeup to lay more smoothly over the stupid dry patch.

In my opinion this was totally worth the $6.

The next thing I tried is the Eye Refresh. I paid $3.

This is another one I love. It's a rollerball applicator, and it's filled with a fluid meant to refresh your eyes. The rollerball itself feels great, like a mini massage. The fluid is unfragranced and very light. It contains rosemary, green tea and cucumber. It feels even better if you keep it in the fridge.

The last product I tried is the Lip Exfoliator. This was also $3.

With this you are supposed to apply it, then wipe it off with a tissue and follow with lip balm. It's pretty grainy, and is supposed to scrub off dead skin on the lips.

It works pretty well. I don't love the taste, it's a little chemical-y.

Mine is already a little dried out and I have only had it for about a month. So, I don't see this lasting a real long time.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the three products I tried, and I'm especially happy with the price. Buying from Elf is always a great way to try some new products without dropping a bunch of cash.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

L'oreal Total Repair 5

I read about this product in a magazine. I spotted it at Target and picked it up for $5.99. It's a hair mask by L'oreal that supposedly erases a year of damage in one use. The full name is L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm.

My hair is disgustingly damaged right now. Once it gets to a certain length, it starts breaking off at the ends. Well, it's been at that length for like 4 months now. I DESPERATELY need a haircut. You'll all be happy to know that it's happening next week. I'm tired of looking scraggly and gross.

I looked on the jar to see why it's called "Total Repair 5".  It's supposed to instantly repair the 5 signs of damage, which are Split Ends, Weak, Rough, Dull, and Dehydrated. My hair is certainly all of these things.

The directions say to apply to wet hair and let set for 3-5 minutes, then rinse. It has a nice fruity smell to it and goes on nice and thick. It's in a jar, which I like. You can really scoop it out that way. I probably used 3 times the recommended use, but I felt like I needed 3 times the help.

This is good stuff, but it's not miraculous. My hair was definitely smoother, softer, and shinier after use. It didn't really last, though, even until that same evening. I understand that these products aren't designed to offer permanent results, but I at least expect until the next shampoo, especially since I didn't even do any heat styling between shampoos.

In my opinion, the H2O hair masque is a much better product. Must be that extra "Q".