Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm back!

Man, that was quite the hiatus. I have a good excuse, though. My dad died on December 10th. It kind of rocked my world and I've kind of been a hermit. It was/is very difficult for me to lose him and I've kind of been stumbling around in a haze. In addition to that, I got engaged! So, grieving and planning a wedding and working full time and parenting...yowza.

For the past couple of weeks, though, I have been thinking about this blog more and more. I really want to start posting more often, and making this blog a consistent part of my life. I want to share my product reviews, my thrifting, my fashion tips, and my photography. So I'm going to make an effort, starting tonight.

I think I'll kick this off with some random thoughts.

 - I am really digging avocados recently. I always thought of them as a gross slimy lump of produce, until I had Chipotle guacomole. Since then I have tried numerous kinds of guacomole, and I only like Chipotle and my own. Sorry, guac makers around the world. I am super particular. It has to be REALLY spicy, salty, and a little chunky. The creamier it is, the closer it is to mayo, and....

 - Let's discuss my feelings about mayo. Are you kidding me?!? Who invented this crap?!? How did it even begin?!? Who decided "HEY. I'll bet if we combined raw egg and oil it would be REALLY REALLY AWESOME." (also, they were wrong.) If my sandwich or burger comes with mayo on it, it is chucked in the garbage. I just have no tolerance. I live in a mayonnaise-free world, folks, and if that's wrong, then I don't want to be right.

 - I recently found an old word-find book while I was cleaning out my various bags of crap. I hadn't done a word-find for years, and you know what? I found it super soothing. There's something about mindlessly looking for the few letters you need to start a word...from now on I am keeping a word find book on my nightstand. I feel like it will help me sleep.

 - The author Larry Brown. Read his books. Especially "Fay", it is so good.

 - When you lose weight, does your bra size go down? And is it your band or your cup or both? Because I'll tell you what, I REALLY wouldn't mind going down a band size.

 - cold-press coffee. You guys. For real. BEST summer drink ever and SO easy to make. I have some all ready to go in the morning, for the first time this year, and I can't wait.

 - despite my dad dying in the most UNFAIR way possible, and my engagement ring shattering into a million pieces, and my iphone getting wiped of All The Things I Had In The World, and feeling so tired and somewhat sad all the time....the sun still shines. It does. And there is still joy and laughter. The world does go on, it just is taking me a while to feel like I am still a part of it.

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