Monday, April 30, 2012


I recently purchased some Loreal Studio Secrets Primer. A while ago, maybe 6-8 months ago, there was a sample of it in a magazine, and I had tried it and liked it. Then I forgot about it for awhile. About 3 weeks ago, I spotted it in the store and decided to go for it. The primer retails for $10.99. (That's at Target. Pretty much whenever I talk about a product's retail price, I'm talking about it's Target price because everyone shops at Target, right? Or Wal-Mart? It's probably the same at Wal-mart.) Anyway. This is what it looks like.

Here's a real-life picture of it opened.

If you don't enjoy wearing foundation, you probably aren't going to like the texture of this. When you scoop it out with your finger, it feels like spackle. It's thick. You don't need much, though, and TRUST ME ON THIS I WOULD NOT LIE TO YOU once you get it on your face and rub it in, it feels like nothing. It's lightweight and airy once it's rubbed in, I promise. There is no tint other than a very slight pink which brightens the skin a bit. There's no smell.

I absolutely love how this makes my skin look and feel. It evens out my pores and makes my skin feel smooth. I feel comfortable going out in public without foundation when I wear this. Usually when I go out sans foundation my face looks like one of those 3D road maps. That visual would be helpful if I knew the actual word for the 3D road maps. Topographic map? Is that right? Anyway, think bumpy and uneven.

It seems like this stuff will last a fair amount of time for the price of eleven dollars. Probably between a month or two if I use it every day.

I highly recommend this product, peeps.

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