Thursday, August 25, 2011


Recently I got a sample of Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer from Sephora. It's a "moisturizing tinted skin enhancer with UVA/UVB SPF 20". So, fancy way of saying "tinted moisturizer. with sunscreen."

This retails for $48, which, as far as I am concerned, is Too Much Effing Money.

The sample is pretty good sized. It's a .16 oz tube, rather than the little packet that some samples come in. I wore this 3 days in a row and my sample is pretty much gone. I think that's a good amount of time to decide if you like something or not.

And did I like it? Eh. It was OK. I did like that it didn't have much of a scent. It felt outstanding on my face. Very smooth and silky. The coverage wasn't much. I think that was my main problem with it, but I'm not sure if that makes for a fair review because I'm not really a tinted moisturizer sort of gal. I prefer to really spackle it on. Especially if I'm spending half a Benjamin on said spackle. Anyway, the coverage is very sheer. I received the "light" shade. I do in fact have "light" skin, but the problem with these tinted moisturizers is that they usually come in only 3 shades, "light", "medium", and "dark". That's fine and dandy, but as we all know, skin comes in way more shades than that. Way. So this "light" is actually maybe a bit too light for me, and so it ends up looking a little chalky. Once I put blush on top of it it wasn't that big of a deal, but, like I said, half a Benjamin, yo. I shouldn't have to doctor it. I feel like it lasted an OK amount of time...probably about 8 hours. The moisturization was good. I assume the sun protection was good since I don't currently look like a lobster. However, if I'm being honest, the only time I left the house when wearing it was to run to Noodles and Co. to pick up my order of Wisconsin Mac and Cheese.

Final verdict...the price sucks, the formula is great, the color is iffy.

Would I purchase it? No. Does it make a great free sample? Yes. Was my skin "instantly transformed in one application"? No. Do I recommend that you skip this one? Yes.

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