Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Seeing as I'm trying to get into the habit of posting to this blog frequently, I figured why not try some live blogging?

I signed up for Cravebox. As far as I can tell, you have to enter a drawing for each box and if you are picked, you are charged $14 and they send you the box. At least that's how I THINK I ended up with this.

This is my very first Cravebox. All I know about it is that it is called the "Winter Favorites" box and that it cost me 14 bucks.

So please, join me as I open this and we'll see if it's worth the moolah.......here we go.

Here's the box, fresh from the hands of the UPS guy.

Here it is opened.

I immediately turned over that card that lists the products, I want to be surprised. If you can't read what the blue envelope says due to my high-tech Vietnam-war-era iPhone, it says "Look Inside For Recipes and More!". I am putting that envelope aside for now. Next we have a red envelope...inside is...ooh, a coupon for a free International Delights coffee creamer! Along with two recipe cards.

Now we have a green envelope....inside is.....a coupon for a free Nancy's frozen appetizer or dessert!

Then a Mary Kay catalog.

Now I see a handful of sample packets....four Vitabath body wash samples...

And a sample of something called belVita breakfast biscuits, with a Buy One Get One Free coupon...

A full sized Mary Kay lip gloss...

A Campbell's Golden Butternut Squash Bisque...this is great! It's going directly into my mom's stocking since I consider squash to be the work of the devil...

A full sized bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce...

That's it for the box. I am now opening the blue envelope...

oooh! A coupon for free Pillsbury Pie Crust, and a coupon for free Pillsbury Cookie Dough! And a recipe booklet.

Alright, that was fun! (it really is. Gosh, I love getting boxes of stuff in the mail!) Let's add up the retail value of this stuff and see if it's worth the $14.

Mary Kay lip gloss - $14.00
(well, there we go...it's worth it! But I'll keep going to see what the total value of the box is)
Pillsbury Pie Dough - $1.79
Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough - $2.09
Campbell's Squash Soup - $3.59
Heinz Chili Sauce - $1.99
International Delights creamer - $1.79
Nancy's Frozen Appetizer - $3.99

I didn't include the packets of Vitabath or the breakfast biscuits. We'll consider those bonuses. So the retail value of this box is $29.24. Each of these products will be used....I even like the color of the lip gloss. Add in the excitement of a box in the mail and the surprise of opening it....I hereby proclaim the Cravebox as Worth It.

If you are interested, go to http://www.cravebox.com to sign up!

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