Monday, March 4, 2013

February Glossybox....and a Giveaway!

I received my second Glossybox. This one is titled "International Style." Here's what was inside.

(PAY ATTENTION and KEEP READING, there's good stuff at the end.)

First, a Da Vinci Shimmer Powder. This says it's "versatile", but looking at the color, I can't imagine where you'd use it other than your eyes. It's called "Lava" and it's a deep brown, with purple shimmer in it. The color isn't my cup of tea, but I will probably try using it with a wet brush as a liner. The guide card says that a full size is $15.00 and that the full size is .06 oz. This container says 1.75 grams. I don't do math, sorry. Maybe it's full sized, maybe it's not. Every picture I tried to take of this looked like crap, the packaging makes it hard to tell what's going on, so I'm just posting the pic from the Glossybox website.

Shimmer powder

(this is not the color I got.)

Next is a Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro-Gel Mask by Missha. This is an Asian brand, and I'll just come out and say it, this mask appears to be made of snail. Snail-parts. Not sure which parts. Does it matter? It's an "Asian beauty secret". Hey, if the secret to reversing skin damage (as this product claims) is snail-parts, then who am I to judge? I haven't tried this yet. I'll let you know. I should also mention that the guide card says "word on the street is it has a huge celebrity following". Apparently, Hollywood's finest slather snail-parts on their face. Who knew. Anyway, this is a full size mask and it retails for $6.

Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask

Next we have a package of Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps. I'm iffy on these. I tried some once (different brand), for my bachelorette party. They lasted, like, one day. Seriously. By the end of the night they were chipped as all get-out. I thought I followed the directions, maybe I did it wrong, I don't know. All I know is maybe I'll try these, maybe I won't. I got a few of these sets when I was a member of MyGlam, too, and here's my issue. They are all super blingy, or weird prints (like paisley!) and you know, I'm 34 years old. I'm a 34 year old mom of a 3 year old that's overweight and has a corporate job. (I am overweight with a corporate job, not my 3 year old. He still mooches off me.) When I go out, it's to get nachos and beer from the dump down the street. I do not go to clubs. I do not  go dancing. I do not need rhinestones and purple holographics on my fingernails. With that said, these particular strips are black and white stripes. I may try them, I may give them away. Black and white stripes make me look fat. The last thing I need is for my fingers to look fat along with everything else. The guide card says these retail for $8/set. This is a full set.

Now we have a Bvlgari  Deluxe Creamy Beauty Soap. I am no good at describing fragrances, If you are familiar with "the rejuvenating fragrance of Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc", well, that's what it smells like. It's nice. Kind of flowery. I can see using this for travel. The full size retails for $30, and that's 5.3 oz. This is 1.76 ounces, so a decent sample size.

Eau Parfumée au thé blanc Soap

Lastly we have a full sized Sheer Sparkle Lip Gloss by Lisi. The color I got is Soho, and I really like it. There's almost no sparkle at all, which is great, and it's nice and lightweight. The color is a sheer pinky-peach, very subtle. It smells kind of like vanilla. It's a little bit sticky, but not too bad. This retails for $7.

Sheer Sparkle or Color Glaze lip gloss

HERE'S THE FUN PART. This is where you benefit from my dumbassery.

I, like a moron, accidentally ordered two Glossyboxes. I checked out the return policy, and there isn't one. So. I am giving away the second Glossybox. I have opened the actual box, the shipping box, but I haven't opened the Glossybox. Therefore I don't know if the winner will get the same colors that I got. I'm also going to throw in a full sized (4 ounce jar) of Uptown Soap Company Black Honey Organic Body Cream, because I have a surplus of lotions. I ordered this jar as part of a set and ended up with a duplicate. It's all yours! Unused.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is leave a comment on this blog. Say anything, I don't care. And if you don't already follow this blog, follow it, either via a Reader or Google Friend Connect. I'll do a random drawing one week from today, Monday the 11th.



  1. i'm a gfc follower! (luvharrypotter12) i would love to try that shimmer powder!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway and your awesome review! Is it crazy that I really want to try that snail mask?? :)

    Following you via GFC!

  3. me! me! goat aardvark cake and tussin!

  4. Not to be outdone...

    Flag Day, Jazz Hands, AG, Warbling Dead Geese AAAANNNDDD Tampon Springs.

  5. As you know, there are two things I love in this world: beauty products (which may or may not include snail parts) and winning stuff.

    OK, three things: beauty products, winning stuff, a eating, but only two of those three things were germane to this discussion.

  6. The mask is supposedly made from the slime that the snails leave when they travel around...someone posted a terrible photo of a girl who had snails crawling all over her face, but I'll spare you that.

  7. I missed out on the Feb box, so thanks for the chance to win it. Followed via GFC. Thanks for your dumbassery :P

  8. love to win this for my wife. thankyou, ken

  9. Following you via GFC as Jerseygirl137

  10. Great Giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  11. Great idea to have a giveaway. Love the word
    Dumbassery!!! Pick me, pick me!!!!

  12. I'd love to benefit from your dumbassery!

  13. I'm following. Thanks for the review, I'm debating trying out glossybox...