Friday, March 29, 2013


I'm sorry I haven't posted for almost two weeks...I got pretty busy and then went out of town for awhile. Now that I'm back, let's get started with the March Glossybox. Honestly, after January and February, I had pretty much decided to cancel. In addition to a somewhat lackluster January box, I experienced some poor customer service from Glossybox in the month of March. This box was pretty awesome, despite a ridiculously long shipping time, so I might give them one more shot before I pull the trigger and cancel.

Here's what was in it.

We'll start with the least impressive. A soap from the company Prestiche. It smells fine, I just don't use soap all that often, and I still have the Bvlgari soap from the last Glossybox. Maybe I can slip it into a gift at some point. I also got a $40 gift certificate to this company. I looked online, and a body scrub is $59.99 with $10 shipping. So I think it's safe to say the gift certificate isn't going to get used. I didn't even look to see what this retails for. Let's say $10 because it seems like the company overcharges for everything.

Next we have a full sized Pixi Catching Shadows Eye Crayon. This is pretty awesome. The color is neutral, which means I'll use it quite a bit. The picture makes it look really shimmery, but it's not. This retails for $18.

Now we have a 1.5 ounce Sebastian Shaper Fierce hairspray. Awesome for travel. The full size is 10.6 ounces and retails for $12 on Amazon.

Here is a full sized Elite liquid eyeliner. It's brown, so I'll wear this. This apparently isn't available in America yet, so I don't have a retail price.

Best for last...this is a product I have heard about and was thinking about buying anyway. Love when that happens! It's Model Co. Cheek and Lip Tint...full sized, in Rosy Red. This retails for $24!

This month won me over. I'll stick around to see what next month brings!

I have a bunch of reviews to catch up on...I hope to get the majority of them posted by tomorrow. ALSO, stay tuned for another giveaway!

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