Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shopping at Ruche

I thought for the next few days I'd spotlight a few of my favorite places to shop online. Today I'm featuring Ruche.


Ruche is really reasonably priced and they have kind of a vintage style that I love. Here's what I'm liking right now.

Lunch in Baja Midi Dress

So pretty and springy!

Morning Light necklace

See a theme here? It's just like the one I bought last week...

Mirror Mirror pink barrettes

If barrettes stayed in my hair I'd totally get these.

Starry Sky Earrings

I don't change my earrings often..these would go with everything.

Summer Walk Sandals

I think my ankles are too fat for these, but in a perfect world I'd wear them every day in summer.

Daytime Leisure Skirt

I think this would be pretty for work.

Today I am going to order the star earrings, and the Lunch in Baja dress.