Sunday, March 31, 2013

Soap and Glory Reviews

A few months ago, I read about the Soap and Glory brand in a magazine. It's a UK based company that has become very popular over the last few years. I decided to try a few of their products.

I ordered the Calm One, Calm All Bubble Bath, the Great Kisser Lip Balm, and the Fab Pore Facial Peel.

Let's start with the Fab Pore peel. As you all know, I have recently become obsessed with my pore size, so this is the product that I tried first. This cost $25, and it's a tub of 1.7 ounces. The word "peel" makes you think of a product that you peel off. This is not the case. I don't know why they call it a "peel", it's not formulated to remove a layer of skin or anything, like an alpha-hydroxy peel.

This is what it looks like...

It's creamy and it has little green beads in it.

  It has a really fresh and clean smell.

The directions say to use a grape sized amount, and massage it on your face until all the green beads are dissolved, paying special attention to the T-zone. After that, you leave it on for up to 15 minutes before rinsing.

It takes a few minutes for the beads to dissolve, so it kind of forces you into a nice little spa-like facial massage.

The formula felt nice, not too dry or too goopy. The smell was pleasant. It didn't tingle or anything. It actually didn't really feel like anything, which made me question how well it would work. When I rinsed it off, my skin felt a little tighter. I didn't notice an immediate difference in my pores, though. They didn't really look any smaller.

My skin felt nice and soft and smooth, though, so I guess it wasn't a complete loss. I'm going to try using it every other day, and I'll see if there's any noticeable difference in my skin.

The next product is the Great Kisser lip balm. I love this stuff. I have it in my purse all the time and I use it multiple times per day.

Soap & Glory - A Great Kisser™ Lip Moisture BalmThe price for this is $10.

This has a very sheer pink/coral tint. It's a little bit sticky, but after it soaks in for a minute or two it's not a big deal. It makes my lips feel super moisturized. It has a nice fruity taste. I can tell it's going to last forever, I'll probably lose it before I use it up, that's how it usually goes. It has mango butter, pomegranate extract, apricot berry and lingonberry oil. It's like a goddamn smoothie in a tin.

The last Soap and Glory product I tried is the Calm One, Calm All Bubble Bath. This costs $16 for 16 ounces, and I don't normally spend $16 on something that's going to go down the drain after 20 minutes, but I had just gotten my tax refund back and was feeling rich. I'm glad I got it, because I really like it. The smell is so nice. It's hard to explain the smell, it just smells really mellow and relaxing. The description of the scent online is bergamot, strawberries, mandarin, musk, amber, floral, and warm vanilla. Uhhh, so basically they threw everything possible into the pot and stirred it up. It worked, though! They say this has built in body lotion. I don't know about that. My skin felt soft after the bath, but I used lotion anyway, because I always do, and it would be weird not to.

 Soap & Glory - Calm One Calm All® Bubble Bath

Overall I was pretty happy with the Soap and Glory stuff that I tried. Someday I'd like to try the Butter Yourself body butter.

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