Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snail Mask Review

OK, folks. This morning I tried the Super Aqua mask by Missha from the February Glossybox.

It was kind of an odd experience.

I read the instructions first. It said to take the two pieces of mask out of the package, and peel the backing from each half. There's a half for the top part of your face, with eye holes, and a half for the bottom part with a mouth hole. And good GRIEF are they slimy. It actually kind of grossed me out pulling it out of the package.

I soldiered on, and managed to peel the backing off the top half. Easier said than done. I made kind of a mess. You have to kind of press the slimy mask onto your face and then press down to adhere it.  I finally got both halves on my face.

Hello! (also please note my earrings from Ruche! Love them._

This was the best I could do. Turns out I'm not adept at pressing slimy things onto  my face.

The instructions said to leave it on for 20-40 minutes, then remove and discard and "massage remaining slime into face". OK, it didn't say slime, but it might as well have.

I left it on for 20 minutes, and that was all I could handle. It doesn't smell like anything or burn or tingle, but it just feels so heavy. There's a lot of snail slime involved.

I took it off, massaged the goo into my face, and honestly all I wanted to do was wash the snail off my face. I held off for an skin doesn't feel especially soft or moisturized. It just felt like I had snail goo remnants on it. So I washed it.

Can't recommend this one, people. Wasn't the best masque experience.

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